Deep Impulse
Deep Impulse Records is a Germany based online label with a focus on Techno, Tech House and Deep House producers from all over the world. Since 2014 our DIR team is on the scout for musicians who have the same understanding of modern electronic music like we do. Especially the focus on originality and professional produced tunes is our way to stand out of the humongous mass of online labels. Further do we believe that a track needs to cause a certain ineffable feeling which, in our opinion, is missing in the partly diseased electronic music scene. That is why our slogan is “DEEP IMPULSE RECORDS - You will feel it”. By remaining true to our values and keeping a high level of output we are sure to realise our vision to change the booming electronic music scene to a more quality focused one. Furthermore is the statement “quality before commercial success” a message that will change the people in our operating surrounding as well. Nowadays we people should get rid of our focus o
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