United Kingdom
Tom was born in Preston, North West and is a keen photographer. He has been running Tomography, his own photography company, for 2 years. He has already established connections with several clients in the music business, sporting events and many more. He looks to further develop his skills by working with different clients. He is also a skilled graphic designer. However he wants to further develop his skills by creating new idea’s as he is never satisfied by creating something “basic.” He strives for innovation in all his work, whether that’s in a small low key event or large scale briefs. Tom believes that “creativity is only as good as the persons imagination.” Tom wishes to branch out, not only to the North West, but to be known nationally and globally as a photographer. One of his main goals is for Tomography to be a well-known company with a high quality reputation. That is why he takes pride in all of his work and would never produce a basic piece. Tom wants people to recognise Tomography as a com
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