Create Personalised Water Bottles Online

Design personalised drink bottles for sports, school and thirst

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Product details

Water Bottle

Your personal water dispenser for any adventure. Wherever you need that vital drink of water or any other liquid, this handy bottle will be there to quench your thirst. Use the spring clip to attach it to clothing or backpack.
  • Two ways of fastening: Suction cap mount to take the lid swiftly off and back on again, and screw-cap with connection for hand strap
  • Spring-loaded clip for easy attachment
  • Holding capacity: 600ml
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Not suitable for fizzy drinks
  • Not suitable for white designs/design elements
Please note: Depending on the supplier, you may receive different caps with identical product

Design personalised drink bottles for sports, school and thirst

Re-Usable and Environmental Friendly Aluminium

At Spreadshirt UK, you can easily create your own personalised water bottles to have your drinks on the go. The personalised drink bottles are ideally suited to quench the thirst when doing sports. Kids just love taking customised photo bottles with text and designs to school. The aluminium bottles are perfectly environmental friendly as they are re-usable and easy to clean in the dishwasher while lasting many a washing circle.

Customised Hook Handle Water Bottles

You can bring about a very stylish way to avoid hydration by personalising water bottles that are as unique as they come. Our custom bottles have a hook handle to have them at hand when you’re out and about. The handy spring clip lets you fasten it to your backpack or clothing, and you can fill the pint-sized bottle with water, juice or tea. It’s not suitable for fizzy drinks.